Our Products

All Kayoong items are handmade from wax print fabrics, using a crochet technique we developed here in Dakar, Senegal. All of our products make beautiful, unique gifts, and if you’re traveling, don’t worry — everything packs easily in a suitcase. Once you’re home, your Kayoong items can be machine washed and then reshaped to air dry fully before use. 




Our small basket is handmade from 2 meters of wax print fabric. It measures approximately 13 cm diameter x 7 cm height. Perfect for holding small items, serving snacks, and decorating your home or office.  




Our large basket is handmade from 3 meters of wax print fabric. It measures approximately 20 cm diameter x 10 cm height. Ideal for storing medium-sized items, using as a bread or fruit basket, holding towels and more. 







Our small bag with handles will surprise you with its versatility! It is made from 3 meters of wax print fabric. Use it as a small handbag, decorative flower pot or for organizing items in your home.







Our large bag with handles has been seen on fashion show runways as well as the fashionable streets of Dakar. It is made from 6 meters of wax print fabric. Use it as a handbag, large basket or to carry a picnic.





Our “Layu” rounds are made from 3 meters of wax print fabric measure approximately 35 cm in diameter. They can be used as placemats or to decorate an end table, shelf or as part of a centerpiece.





The Kayoong round rug is our best-known design, made from 20 meters of wax print fabric and measuring 1 meter in diameter. Each one takes several days to make and each one is unique. 







Our rectangular rug is made from 10 meters of fabric and measures 75 cm x 50 cm. It works just as beautifully at the entrance of your home as it does by your bedside or by the sink. 






Special orders may be available, depending on our availability. For shops wishing to sell Kayoong items, please note that we do not offer wholesale pricing as it eliminates our ability to meet our primary goal: providing educational scholarships for orphans and children of widows. However, discounts are available to resellers of a certain volume. Please contact us for details.