Congratulations Oureye!

Within her first month of making baskets for Kayoong, Oureye had earned enough to start buying bricks for the home she plans to build, a place to reunite her family and raise her three sons. Oureye lost her husband in November, 2010. With the loss of his income and without the support of an extended family, she was forced to surrender her sons (at the time 7 years old, 3 years old, and 4 months old) to an orphanage in southern Senegal where she knew their basic needs could be met. In 2011, she moved 10 hours north to the capital city Dakar in order to make a cash income so that she could send money for her children’s school fees and save up to purchase a property where they could one day all live together again.

Her dreams are coming true and we are so happy for her.


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