Our Story: Empowering Women in Senegal






Pioneering Sustainable Luxury with Social Impact

Kayoong isn’t just another craft brand. We’re the pioneers of crocheted wax print in West Africa, a technique and design innovation born and patented in Dakar, Senegal, in 2017. Today, our unique creations are sold across Africa, Europe, and the US.

Our impact extends beyond exquisite products. In 2023, we collaborated with the prestigious Maison Lesage, creating a bespoke piece for CHANEL’s Paris store. This fusion of Kayoong’s crochet artistry and Lesage’s weaving heritage showcased the power of collaboration for Métiers d’Art.

But our heart lies in empowering women and strengthening the future of their families. Since our inception, we’ve funded academic scholarships for 20-30 orphans and children of widows annually – totalling over 150 academic years of education. 

Here’s why choosing Kayoong makes a difference:

  • Fair Wages: Our artisans earn 6 times the minimum wage for their beautiful craft.
  • Empowerment: We provide skill training for women with disabilities, fostering independence.
  • Education: 20% of your purchase directly funds scholarships for future generations.
  • Social Safety Net: We offer emergency healthcare and microloans to women in Senegal.

When you choose Kayoong, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a movement of sustainable luxury that empowers women and transforms lives.

Empowering Women in Senegal

Born from a desire to support a friend, Kayoong blossomed into a powerful movement for women’s empowerment. Founded by two friends in Dakar, Kari, a skilled communicator with a love for wax print fabrics, and Danielle, a whiz with numbers and a crochet hook, Kayoong combines innovation, artistic expression and a mission to uplift women.

Their journey began with a simple Facebook fundraiser, “40 Days for Widows,” aiming to raise money for new crochet hooks for a friend’s idea to teach widows a new handicraft as a means for supporting themselves. The response was overwhelming. The Dakar community rallied, donating everything from furniture to meals to be auctioned, exceeding their initial goal. Local businesses joined the cause, offering matching purchases and donations. This outpouring of generosity sparked a new vision—Kayoong Community.

This non-profit provides a crucial safety net for marginalized women. It offers emergency funding for healthcare, scholarships for education and microfinance opportunities—a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty. The initial project, crocheted baskets made from donated scraps, not only sold out at the market but also attracted boutique owners eager for more. 

This pivotal moment led to the creation of Kayoong, a social enterprise dedicated to ethical production. We source materials at local markets in Senegal and empower women facing poverty through meaningful work. Witnessing a woman’s newfound confidence and self-respect as she creates and sells her own handcrafted pieces is truly inspiring.

Kayoong: Women lifting themselves up through art and community.