Microloans for amazing women

Kayoong Community is pleased to introduce its first microloan recipient, Madame Combé.

Madame Combé lives in the Ouakam area of Dakar and for many years has supported herself and her children through the small shop she operates near her home. She sells local specialties that come from the Casamance region of Senegal. Every year, she travels south to buy during the high season and then sell in Dakar during the low season. Through careful budgeting and planning, this has been a lucrative business for her. Despite being a widow and also physically handicapped she has been able to provide an education and a safe home for her children.

Last year her oldest daughter required an emergency surgery that completely wiped out Madame Combé savings. It even emptied the cash reserves that she had set aside to use to stock her shop for 2017.

By receiving a microloan from Kaayong Community, Madame Combé was able to continue and even grow her business this year without going into debt. She has made her payments on time every month. We are happy to stand behind such a strong hard-working woman.

When we visited her shop in Ouakam, she said, “Thank you for the loan but most of all thank you for believing in me.”