Kayoong Community helps widows, children of widows and orphans in Senegal, West Africa, by offering microloans to widowed entrepreneurs to put them on the path to financial security, sponsoring the education of children at risk of not being able to attend school, and funding their emergency medical needs.

Women who run on #TeamKayoong are running for these women and children.

Our running is not just about our goals, but about helping women around the globe accomplish their own goals of providing financially for their families. When you donate to the Kayoong Community on behalf of a #TeamKayoong runner, you are helping a woman in West Africa to have the tools she needs to run her own business, care for herself and her family. Read how donations like yours are already helping Madame Combe, Oureye, and more.

There are many ways your contribution can help us reach our goals!

  • $5 will pay for school supplies for a child for one month.
  • $25 will allow a child to go to school for one month.
  • $50 will pay for a round of vaccinations or a medical specialist consultation.
  • $75 will allow a widow with an established small business to purchase the supplies to increase her capacity.

How to Donate on Behalf of a #TeamKayoong Runner

100% of your donation goes directly to the women of the Kayoong Community. #TeamKayoong runners pay all race fees and they run for #TeamKayoong to support women and children at risk. Some runners choose to raise funds for microloans for widowed entrepreneurs, others for children’s education. Every runner has her own donation goal but our shared goal for #TeamKayoong is to empower women to provide for themselves and their families.

Step 1: On the form below, leave your first name, email and a brief message that includes the name of the runner you are supporting, the amount of your donation and if you have a preference for how it is spent. (Microloans, education, or medical.)
Step 2: Click “Send” below the form and submit your response.
Step 3: Submit your donation using the secure PayPal button. You will receive a receipt via email from the Kayoong Community.

Thank you for supporting #TeamKayoong and the Kayoong Community! Any questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to help.